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Biology of haemostasis disorders

Health technology assessment - Posted on Jul 20 2011

The National Salaried Workers' Health Insurance Fund (CNAMTS) asked HAS to assess the value of the different laboratory tests foe haemostasis abnormalities with a view to updating the section in the Nomenclature of Procedures in Laboratory Medicine (NABM) containing the procedures in laboratory medicine for measuring abnormalities of haemostasis (subsection 5-02). Those tests are: the bleeding time test (Duke's test, Ivy's incision test or Ivy's 3-point test), the thrombin time and correction of the thrombin time, the photometric platelet aggregation test, the test for antibodies to platelet factor 4 where heparin-induced thrombocytopenia type II is suspected, a test for and titration of antihaemophilic factor inhibitors, a test for and identification of the lupus anticoagulant, a test for the G1691A mutation in the factor V (Leiden factor) gene and the G20210A mutation in the factor II gene when testing for risk factors for venous thromboembolis.

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