résultats de recherche has

Search in database (JcmsDB) No
  1. types=com.jalios.jcms.Content
Refine Queries
Refine With Contextual Categories No
Order Results by Expiration date
Display order
Max results 5
Do not display the first n results 0
Show Pager
Pager Label
Page Sizes
'All in one page' limit -1
Hide the portlet if no result No
First Publications
Show In Current Portal No
Propagate Contextual Category No
Cache Level None
Cache Sensitivity Do not refine
Cache Types
Cache Timeout 1 min
Display StyleSheet
Inset Left 0 px
Inset Right 0 px
Inset Top 0 px
Inset Bottom 0 px
Cell Padding 0 px
Align Horinzontal left
Align Vertical middle
Align Table
Border 0 px
Border color
Back color
Back Image
Display Title Recherche
  1. box.default
  2. full.default
Skin StyleSheet
Popup Status Hidden
Expand Status Enable
Copy behavior Copy
Original Portlet
  1. None
CSS Id resRechercheGlobal
CSS Classes resRechercheGlobal
CSS Skin Classes
Footer of the skin
  1. Recherche globale antidot
Portlet Affiner Recherche