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Preparing doctors' guides and lists of procedures and services for chronic conditions

Methodology guide - Posted on Dec 06 2006

These recommendations take the form of a guide for doctors and a list of procedures and services required for the clinical management of a given disease. These tools are intended to serve as a basis for the care protocol for a patient with a chronic condition. This protocol is to be drawn up by the patient’s doctor, validated by the National Health Insurance (NHI) medical adviser, and signed by the patient (Article L. 324-1 of the Social Security Code).

The recommendations may also address :

  • the conditions under which these procedures and services should be provided, and in particular how often they should be performed
  • the period for which the care protocol is valid, and the procedures and services not normally required in the treatment of the conditions in question.

The aim of this document is to explain how to produce the doctors’ guides and the associated lists of procedures and services.

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