These recommendations of good practice are intended to help: to identify anorexia nervosa earlier;
To improve the accompaniment of the patient and his entourage;
  • Improve patient management and initial orientation;

  • Improve hospital management when necessary and post-hospital care.

  • Affected are pre-teens, adolescents and young adults.

The priorities for improving the quality of care defined for this work are the following:
  • Detection and diagnosis, taking into account the populations most at risk, the warning signs and the most relevant diagnostic criteria, as well as the search for an alliance with the patient and his entourage, often difficult because of the mechanisms of denial ;

  • Modalities of referral and outpatient care of patients (addressing, multidisciplinary needs and specialized devices, in particular in terms of day hospitalization);

  • Indications and modalities of full-time hospitalization (severity criteria, therapeutic contracts and place of hospitalization under constraint).

The development of these recommendations of good practice is the result of a partnership between HAS and the French Association for the Development of Specialized Approaches to Eating Disorders (AFDAS-TCA), and also responds to a request from the Directorate General the health.

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