Assesment of homeopathic medicines

Negative opinion on homeopathic medicines reimbursement
Health technology assessment - Posted on Sep 07 2019 - Updated on Nov 04 2019


  • the absence of severity of certain benign, spontaneously regressive conditions or symptoms for which no medical need is identified and for which the use of medicines (including homeopathy) is not necessary;
  • the absence of demonstration of efficacy (in terms of morbidity and/or quality-of-life) from homeopathic medicines in health conditions for which data was found in literature (non-significant data and/or methodological weaknesses limiting conclusions on superiority to the placebo or an active comparator or absence of comparison to clinically-relevant comparators);
  • the absence of demonstration of their PHB, especially their benefit on the other medicinal products consumption;
  • the absence of clearly-defined role of homeopathic medicines in the care pathway in health conditions for which data were found in literature;
  • the absence of data in other health conditions (not found in literature) for which homeopathy is used in clinical practice and therefore the absence of role in these situations;

and despite:

  • the severity and/or potential impact on the quality-of-life of patients of certain health conditions evaluated, for which there is a medical need for alternatives or complementary medicines;
  • the very good safety profile of homeopathic medicines;

the Committee issues a negative opinion on homeopathic medicines reimbursement by the French National Health Fund scheme of homeopathic medicines subject to the registration procedure provided in article L. 5121-13 of the French code of public health.

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