Assessment of health technologies and procedures

Assessment of health technologies and procedures at HAS

HAS assesses medical procedures, equipment and devices and strategies used by health professionals in the area of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

The objective is both to provide recommendations that inform policy decision-making and acquire greater knowledge for a topic at a particular point in time.


General method for assessing health technologies
> Rapid assessment method for assessing medical and surgical procedures

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INAHTA briefs

The INAHTA briefs are abstract-like summaries of assessment reports. These are aimed to keep the International Network of Agencies for HTA informed on national reports

See the INAHTA briefs


Health technologies, medical and surgical procedures assessment reports

The assessment report is based on a critical analysis of the available literature in conjunction with gathered expert and/or stakeholder opinion.

Assessment method

The method for assessing health technologies includes the following:

  • topic scoping;
  • systematic literature search;
  • critical analysis and summary of  available literature;
  • conducting working groups and/or individual hearings to gather expert and/or stakeholder opinion (professionals and patient representatives).


Based on this work, an assessment report is drafted by the Department for the Evaluation of Medical Procedures (SEAP). The report is then reviewed by an HAS Committee (CNEDiMTS or CEESP), and further approved by the HAS Board before publication onto the HAS website.

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Posted on Nov 27 2015