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Develop quality in the health,
social and medico-social field



Healthcare organisations accreditation programme in France


The French accreditation programme for hospitals has been mandated by law since 1996; it aims to improve quality and safety of care through the generation of sustained changes in clinical practices and management. HAS standards address the hospital’s performance in specific areas; they specify requirements to ensure that patient care is provided in a safe manner and in a secure environment.

Healthcare Quality and Safety Indicators


HAS works in conjunction with health professionals, users of the healthcare system and patients to develop health care quality and safety indicators (QSI). The indicators assess the process or the outcome of care. They are set up to be used by healthcare organisations as quality improvement tools.

Improvement of Health Professional Practices


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a continuous improvement measure for the safety and quality of health care. It combines continuous training and analysis of professional practices and targets all health professionals. It is an individual obligation that is part of an ongoing process to improve healthcare quality.