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Assessment of chiropodist-podiatrist consultations for preventing foot lesions in diabetic patients with a grade 1 podiatric risk - INAHTA Brief


Date of validation
December 2018

The aim of this assessment is to update an initial review conducted by HAS in 2007, with a view to an indication extension of chiropody-podiatry prevention consultations for diabetic subjects presenting with a grade 1 podiatric risk (isolated sensitive neuropathy). These consultations are not currently covered by French National Health Insurance; as such, the purpose of this report is to:

• assess the impact of chiropodist-podiatrist prevention consultations on the morbidity of diabetic subjects with a grade 1 foot ulceration risk;

• define the content, frequency and duration of chiropodist-podiatrist prevention consultations for diabetic subjects with grade 1 foot ulceration risk


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Posted on Dec 20 2018