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Physician Practice and Care Pathways Committee

Web page - Posted on Aug 14 2019


The aim of the Physician Practice and Care Pathways Committee is to inform the Board on the conditions that underlie the integration and implementation of HAS created or validated recommendations, guidelines, tools and methods by health professionals and which are aimed to improve quality and patient safety in the following areas:

  • healthcare pathways for people with chronic diseases;
  • organisation of healthcare including primary care;
  • new technology use;
  • accreditation of physicians and continuing professional development;
  • protocols of cooperation;
  • relevance of procedures;
  • therapeutic education programmes.

The Committee coordinates its work and schedule with other committees.



The Committee is comprised of 34 members appointed for a three-year term by the HAS Board, renewable twice:

  • 1 chairman appointed among the members of the HAS Board;
  • 33 individuals appointed on their expertise, including two vice-chairs.

If a Committee member's seat becomes vacant, another appointment can be made under the same conditions and for the remainder of the term.

The chair of the Committee may invite any competent person whose contribution is considered useful, including external collaborators.

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