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Physician Practice Accreditation Programme

Article HAS - Mis en ligne le 27 oct. 2015

The HAS put into place a voluntary based physician practice accreditation programme. Serving as a risk management instrument, this HAS measure builds on programmes developed by approved accreditation bodies.

Its objective is to improve the quality of clinical practice, reduce the number of adverse events related to care and limit their consequences from a patient safety perspective. The accreditation programme is intended for physicians practising a so-called "high-risk" speciality or procedure, such as:

  • gynaecology-obstetrics
  • anaesthesia-intensive care
  • surgery
  • interventional specialities and obstetric ultrasound procedures
  • critical care
  • intensive care

HAS is committed to ensuring consistency between the steps already taken by physicians in terms of quality improvement measures.

Accreditation is a method for Continuing Professional Development; it contributes to the accreditation of healthcare organisations and is linked to the development of the culture of safety.

A charter between health professionals and health care organisations was created to define rules of operation, information sharing and confidentiality agreements. One of the objectives of this type of measure is to provide a feedback mechanism and learning opportunities from errors incurred in health care systems. This is achieved with the help of committed health care professionals through the collection and analysis of adverse events occuring in daily practice.

Braving to reveal and communicate on the occurrence of accidents is the first step towards raising awareness about the ever-present risks, and represents an acculturation of health professionals in terms of patient safety.