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Health Care User Website: Scope Santé

Article HAS - Mis en ligne le 27 oct. 2015

Intended for health care users, Scope Santé is a French website with official, updated and clear information on the quality of care for all healthcare organisations. It is based on data gathered from public sources (HAS and the Ministry of Health), such as:

  • data on health care quality and safety (nosocomial infection control indicators, indicators for the improvement of care quality and safety, detailed results from the certification of healthcare organisations);
  • volumetric data on activity, capacity and equipment.

In total: 500 items of data, 70 medical specialities for over 4000 organisations have been surveyed.


Logo Scope Santé - 176x91

Scope Santé (in French only): The results of health care quality and safety indicators for all healthcare organisations

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