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SANDOSTATINE LP 30 mg (octreotide), somatostatin analogue

ONCOLOGY - New indication
Opinions on drugs - Posted on Dec 01 2016

Reason for request

Extension of indication

Substantial clinical benefit in the treatment of advanced, non-progressive neuroendocrine tumours of the midgut or unknown primary site with a Ki-67 index ≤ 10%, constituting a possible alternative to simple monitoring.

Insufficient clinical benefit for advanced and progressive neuroendocrine tumours of the midgut or unknown primary site.


  • SANDOSTATINE LP 30 mg now has indication in the treatment of advanced neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) of the midgut or of unknown primary origin where non-midgut sites of origin have been excluded.
  • Its efficacy compared with placebo has been demonstrated in terms of mean time to progression or tumour-related death. No benefit on overall survival was demonstrated
  • No data in patients with this type of progressive tumour is available: its therapeutic value in progressive NETs is not established.

Clinical Benefit




Clinical Added Value

no clinical added value


Therapeutic use


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