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Colloque HAS, Patient dynamics: innovating and measuring - Paris - 16 November 2016

Calendar Event - Posted on Dec 06 2016


icone hours 09h15 - 16h15

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HAS was organizing its annual symposium dedicated to the contribution that patient and user perceptions can make to improving the quality of care and the health technology assessment (HTA).

This scientific symposium aimed to provide a collective platform for consideration of this issue, making the best possible use of French and international experience and research, from both the hospital and ambulatory sectors according 3 parts :

  • Session 1 - The contribution of users in healthcare quality and safety improvement initiatives
  • Session 2 - From patient experience collecting to shared decision making
  • Session 3 - The patient perspective in health technology assessment

The slideshows of the speakers, the participant file with the presentations of the sessions and the speakers and the scientific programme are available at the bottom of this page.

The symposium video playlist is now available.




Each speaker declared his interest links with health industries related to the theme of the presentation. Find these declarations here.

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