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Colloque HAS: Appropriateness of care, moving from concept to action - Paris - November 14, 2017

Calendar Event - Posted on Nov 14 2017


icone hours 09h - 17h


HAS was organizing its annual symposium dedicated to the approriateness of care.

This scientific symposium aimed to provide a collective platform for consideration of this issue, making the best possible use of French and international experience and research according 5 parts :

  • The appropriateness of care: a health system users’ point of view
  • Concepts and challenges of appropriateness in support of quality of care
  • Providing more appropriate care: feedback and results
  • The appropriateness of care: summary and prospects by the College of HAS
  • What strategies are needed to develop the appropriateness of care in France?

The slideshows of the speackers and the scienfific programme are available at the bottom of this page.


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