The Innovation Pass is an exceptional and temporary funding process aimed to facilitate early access for patients to innovative technologies in clinical development. The pass is intended for health technologies other than pharmaceuticals.

The technology must have data establishing that its use is likely to bring a significant benefit to health or to reduce health expenses (data that would not be sufficient at this stage to claim a common law treatment by the community).

Exceptional and temporary funding is conditioned by the establishment of a clinical study by the applicant to confirm the important benefit of this new technology for health.

Innovation Pass is granted by the Ministry of Health and based on HAS’ recommendation.

HAS evaluates the eligibility of the application (innovative nature of the technology and the relevance of the study protocol), in accordance with the decree No. 2015-179 of 16 February 2015 and the article L. 165-1-1 of the Social Security Code.

> Eligibility conditions (in French)

> Requested documents and submission modalities (in French)

> Consult the Board Opinions on the Innovation Pass (in French)

 Forfait innovation-GB-290518

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