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Organisational Structure

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HAS Board

The HAS Board is responsible for providing strategic direction, programming and implementation of its legislative-assigned scope of action and function. As the decision-making body of HAS, it is responsible for maintaining high standards and impartiality of its activities and results. The Board deliberates on opinions, recommendations and decisions regarding certification, and on the accreditation procedure for healthcare organisations, as well as on the annual budget and accounts, internal regulations (Board, committees, departments), accounting and financial regulations, and loans and investment of reserves.

The Board is comprised of seven members, appointed by decree of the President of the French Republic based on various government proposals (President of the French Republic, health Minister, President of the French Senate, President of the French National Assembly, President of the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council). The term runs for 6 years and is renewed once, with half of the Board renewed every 3 years.

Members of the Board

  • Dominique Le Guludec, President

  • Isabelle Adenot,

  • Anne-Marie Armanteras-de Saxcé,

  • Elisabeth Bouvet

  • Cédric Grouchka

  • Christian Saout

  • Christian Thuillez

HAS Committees

With the support of their respective scientific and technical division, the 8 specialist committees are responsible for examining the dossiers that fall within their area of expertise. Each specialist committee is chaired by a Board member and operates according to its own internal regulations.




Chaired by

Best practices, appropriate use and health care strategies

Health Care Management Strategies Committee

Dr Cédric Grouchka

Accreditation of healthcare organisations

Accreditation of Healthcare Organisations Committee

Anne-Marie Armanteras-de Saxcé

Evaluation of medicinal products

Transparency Committee

Pr Christian Thuillez

Economic and public health evaluation

Economic and Public Health Evaluation Committee 

Christian Saout

Evaluation of medical devices and health technologies

Medical Device and Health Technology Evaluation Committee

Isabelle Adenot

Expertise on vaccines and vaccination Technical Committee on Vaccinations

Pr Elisabeth Bouvet

Improvement of physician practice and relevance, physician accreditation program, continuing professional development, patient safety

Physician Practice and Care Pathways Committee 


Patient Information

Patient Information Committee

Evaluation of social care services and best practices

Commission in charge of Social Care Services

Anne-Marie Armanteras-de Saxcé

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International affairs