Clinical practice guidelines (CPG)

Methodology for preparing the guidelines
Methodology guide - Posted on Jan 31 2020

Following a preliminary scoping phase, this method unfolds in four phases and involves two groups of professionals affected by the subject of the recommendation, and patient or user representatives:

  • After a systematic review of the literature, the working group project manager drafts a scientific argument and proposed guidelines
  • After discussion at meetings based on existing data and practices, the working group drafts the initial version of the guidelines to submit to peer review
  • The peer review gives a formalised opinion on the content and form of the initial version of the guidelines through notations and comments
  • The working group finalises the guidelines after analysing and discussing the responses of the peer review


The full methodology guide "Recommandations pour la pratique clinique" is only available in French.

Available in English: the summaries of the method for developing clinical practice guidelines and how to draft the evidence report.


For more information, consult Methodology for Guideline Development.

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