Autism and other PDDs: coordinated education and treatment interventions in children and adolescents

Practice guidelines - Posted on Mar 08 2012

The main objective of this recommendation is to improve the practices of the teams involved in implementing interventions with children / adolescents with PDD, in particular to better assess the individual needs and resources of the child and his / her family in each of the Areas of operation and participation that are usually affected by the impacts of PDDs with a view to proposing a personalized project of coordinated interventions that are considered relevant to meeting those needs.

The purpose of this recommendation is to answer the following questions:

  • What are the areas of child and adolescent functioning and participation in which regular assessment of their development is necessary to better understand their needs and resources?

  • Which interventions to propose according to the needs identified in each of the identified areas?

  • How to ensure the optimal organization of interventions and the path of the child or the adolescent?



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