Breastfeeding - Initiation and continuation during the first 6 months of life

Practice guidelines - Posted on May 01 2002 - Updated on Jul 19 2006

These guidelines offer practical advice on promoting and supporting breastfeeding and its continuation for at least 6 months. The topics covered by the guidelines are:

  1. Benefits and optimum duration of exclusive breastfeeding
  2. Contraindications to breastfeeding
  3. Practicves that encourage breastfeeding
  4. Promoting and supporting breastfeeding
  5. Use of supplements
  6. Prevention and solving breastfeeding problems
  7. Behaviours which pomote and support breastfeeding
  8. Resumption of everyday activities
  9. Breastfeeding and nutrition for the mother
  10. Breastfeeding and medicines
  11. Breastfeeding and contraception

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